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Dragana Jovančević / 21.02.2017.

Today in the world of digital communications, it is impossible to imagine businesses without the use of multiple channels of marketing communications as well as many different mediums that convey a message to the end users

Digital marketing communication channels

Digital marketing channels, Author:Gavin Llewellyn

The environment in which consumers receive the message represents a marketing communications channels, and as the most important among them, we can include a website, social networks, advertising on the Google Network, etc.

All channels of marketing communications we can divide into three groups:

  • Owned Media - channels that are in our possession (website, blog, applications, profiles on social networks, e-mail databases)
  • Paid Media - paid channels (advertising on Google in search and display network, paid advertisements on social networks, affiliate marketing, paid SEO)
  • Earned Media - Channel on which we have no direct influence and which are the result of our previous work (organic traffic, the mention of our brand in the media and on social networks, content created by users, influencers, propaganda by word of mouth)


  • Website

    It is impossible to imagine today a company that has no website. In the modern digital world, a website is a condition without which it cannot be (condition sine qua non).

    When creating a website, you must create a fun, educational and innovative content to attract and retain visitors. It is necessary to take account of the fact that its content should contribute to solving the problem of potential consumers and not to explain the service that you offer. The site must be interactive and must provide two-way communication via email and comments and to provide easy navigation, as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

    One of the main content of your site should be a blog, which is vital at the stage of consciousness. When creating content for the blog, it is necessary to take into account the quality of the content itself, as well as for who is created the content.


    Social networks are of great importance for the success of your business. If we start from the fact that two billion people in the world are active on social networks, and 70% of the global internet population and 90% of those who operate in the global market use social media in their marketing campaigns, we come to the conclusion that the presence on social networks is necessary if you want to succeed and survive in your business.

    The social network you can use for SMM- Social Media Marketing and SMA-Social Media Advertising, so that we can observe them as our own channel of communications as well as a paid channel of communications.

    Društvene mreže

    Social Media,

    SMM- Social Media Marketing is marketing on social networks.

    Social networks are the spot where you can:

    • Learn a lot about potential visitors as they represent an excellent source of information on the profile of potential visitors,
    • Reach a huge number of people, connect with them, perform audience segmentation based on geographic location, age, contents that use,
    • Establish long-term relationships with consumers,
    • Show your skills and gain the image of an expert in your field, which will positively affect your revenues and your reputation,
    • Increase brand awareness, and therefore you need to take care of every detail.


  • ADWORDS- advertising on google network

    On the Google advertising network, it is possible to choose to advertise on Search network or Display Network.

    SEARCH NETWORK includes Google search and other Google sites like Maps and Shopping, and hundreds of other sites which are not partners with Google Search but show Adwords advertisements that match the search results.

    On this network text ads are shown next to the search results, and here it is possible to show ads to those who actively search for such products or services. All this is made possible by using keywords that advertisers use to describe their product or service.

    When someone uses terms similar to those keywords, the ad appears above the search results. If you on your site use the keyword "family vacation" in the description, and someone searches for "destination for family vacations," your ad will appear in search results.

    On this network, advertisers pay for the ad only when someone clicks on it, so this system of payment is called -Payment per click.

    Google search

    Search, Author:Gary Vaynerchuck

    DISPLAY NETWORK includes Google Sites such as Google Finance, Gmail, Blogger, and YouTube; partner sites, mobile sites and mobile applications that display ad if the ad content corresponds to the content on a particular page of the site.

    You can use Advertising on this Network when you want to raise awareness about the services you offer and when you want to secure the position of your brand.

    Ads can contain text, picture, "rich media" content or video ad. Which advertisements will be shown to users depend on the topic they are searching for and content they are visiting.

    It is possible to perform targeting based on interests, gender, age, and the fact whether they have previously visited your website or not. Payments will be made for 1000 impressions, i.e., 1000 Ad views regardless of whether anybody notices the ad or not.

  • SMA- Social media advertising represents a paid form of promotion on social networks. Thanks to paid advertising is easy to establish a connection with all those who are interested in your services. Advertisements must be visually appealing and should contain appropriate text to attract potential visitors. They must be focused on the target population, which means that the targeting is of particular importance.

    It should:

    • select the type of campaign,
    • take into account the available budget,
    • do research to get to know better your audience,
    • test different ads by performing minor edits of the title, image, call to action to see what scores the most effect.

    The continuous analysis should be carried out. It is important to monitor the appropriate metrics such as the number of posts, number of likes, number of social sharing, how many links are established to the site, which content is the most read, etc.

Digital marketing trends

Digital marketing trends, Source:Automotive Social


To provoke the mention of our brand in the media and on social networks, sharing our content, writing positive reviews of our products/services it should first work hard to optimize the website and offer exceptional quality content. Earned channels are formed as a result of these activities.

  • SEO or Search engine optimization is the process of improving the site to attract more visitors. Of great importance is to optimize well the website.A well-optimized website is located at the top of organic search results, which increases the likelihood that the potential consumers will visit it.

  • CONTENT is of great importance. Infographics, videos, e-books represent the things that will attract potential customers, content that they will share, and what they will remember and recommend the brand to their friends by word of mouth or written propaganda.

Among these channels there are overlaps, and it is a common occurrence that:

  • branded content that is in our possession we promote to increase its visibility and introduce the content to the audience with the help of paid channels (boosted post on Facebook). – owned+paid
  • brands are looking for someone to share their contents or information about them, or positive reviews – owned+earned
  • that are consumers sponsored to share content and positive reviews about this brand – paid+earned

In the intersection of all three types of marketing communications channels (owned, paid, earned) there are integrated marketing communication channels that are essential for successful business in a competitive, oversaturated market. Anyone who wants to position itself as a brand in the minds of consumers must have digital marketing channels strategy, must to plan in advance its digital marketing activities and to manage them, analyze the results and constantly improve the digital marketing process.

How to apply the strategy of integrated digital marketing communication channels in tourism to attract tourists find out in:Digital marketing guide

digital marketing

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