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INBOUND MARKETING - Marketing that attracts tourists

Dragana Jovančević / 12.12.2016.

To attract tourists to a particular destination, then to your accommodation, you need to know which segment of tourists represents your target group and who are tourists that you want to attract. You need to do some research to find out their demographic characteristics, behavior, what is it that motivates them to visit a particular destination and what are their objectives when it comes to this visit.

You must always bear in mind the stage in which the tourists are in the process of selection of tourist trip, whether they are in the:

  • 1st stage- stage of consciousness, in which they know that they are in a situation which for them represents an opportunity or a problem (vacation that they want to spend away from their place of residence)
  • 2nd stage-stage consideration when they are investigating where they could spend their holidays or
  • 3rd stage-decision stage, when they make the choice between several desirable destinations.

For each of these phases, it is necessary to prepare a custom content that will help you attract visitors to your site (which when it comes to digital marketing represents a conditio sine qua non). Thanks to the quality of the content they will continually return to your site, you will gain their trust so that they will decide to visit you, and after that follow the fourth stage, and that is enthusiasm.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing, Autor:Walter Lim

It is crucial to delight tourists although they never come again to a particular destination/tourist facility, which is common in tourist developments due to the desire to visit different destinations and gain different experiences, they will be ambassadors of your brand. By expanding the positive verbal propaganda, they will direct their relatives and friends toward you. For you, that is a free promotion, which is more important than any other kind of promotion because it is based on the experience and confidence.

The focus should always be on what to do to help tourist to find you themselves, which of course does not mean that you should ignore paid promotion. You should focus on the following activities:

  • Attracting visitors to the site that needs to be optimized, associated with the profile on social networks and that must have a blog that needs to be educational in character.
  • Collecting contact information- to get to the email addresses and other information, you need to offer something free in return, such as an e-book on the attractiveness of tourist destinations to which they come by clicking on the button that represents a call to action, whose execution lead visitors on the landing side where they can take a book.
  • Conversion of those with whom you have contacted in the permanent visitors, with the help of email campaigns and CRM.
  • Delighting visitors by the service when they visit a destination to become promoters of our brand.

Inbound marketing is an important part of digital marketing. What are the basic components of digital marketing and what is its role in attracting tourists discover in guide: Digital marketing

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