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Marketing Communications - Guide for Enterpreneurs

Dragana Jovančević / 11.12.2016.

All those who would like to be engaged in tourism as entrepreneurs must know that tourism, besides the stay in a particular destination includes the decision to visit this destination. How to stand out from the crowd of similar tourist destinations and an endless multitude of entrepreneurs who offer similar services? How to attract the attention of prospective visitors and to do that they from the potential convert into real guests that you will accommodate in your accommodation facilities/restaurants?

It should bear in mind that although the attraction of tourists to a particular destination is primarily the task of both national and local tourist organizations, this in itself is not enough. If any of them fails you will lose your guests, your capacity will not be filled, and that will have an adverse impact on your income. So you need to take responsibility and take all necessary actions to draw the desired visitors.

Importance of marketing communications


Social Media Landscape,

Development of effective marketing communication is necessary to draw the attention of potential tourists, first to a tourist destination, and then to service you want to give them (accommodation in your apartments or visit a restaurant, depending on what you as an entrepreneur do). It is necessary to stimulate their interest, to awaken in them the desire for a visit, and do everything that you need to come to a visit eventually.

For this to happen, it is necessary to:

  • identify target audience
  • set communication goals
  • create message
  • select communication channels
  • choose source of the message
  • measure results of the communication process

The Purpose of Marketing Communications

The primary purpose of marketing communications is:

  • to inform- that tourists become aware of tourist destination, and in the next stage of your accommodation/catering facilities
  • to "convince" -to create positive attitudes towards destination/tourist facility
  • to create image- there are many similar destinations and tourist facilities and only the image that marketing communications create can provide differentiation
  • to empower- to convince existing visitors that they have made the right choice

What are the actions you need to take to attract tourists, and what is the role of digital marketing in it find out in this manual:Digital marketing

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