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Why do you need a good hosting company for your website?

Dragana Jovančević / 05.06.2018.

Today, thanks to the Internet, individuals and companies can gain global visibility by creating a website that will, thanks to the web hosting companies, be available online on the world wide web.

These companies provide a hosting service by providing a physical space on the server for hosting a website. They can provide this service for free or can charge for it. If you have a blog or a small website, you can get this service free of charge. The bigger the size of your site is, and the more services you need, the larger is the cost of hosting.

The cost of hosting depends on the characteristics and location of the server. Depending on whether the server is located in the country of origin or outside, we distinguish onshore and offshore hosting. Companies opt for offshore hosting due to the availability of target audience, reduced tax fees, anonymity, data privacy, security and support of local authorities, and that is the reason why offshore hosting is not free and can be significantly more expensive than onshore hosting. The cost of hosting is also affected by exchange rates.

If you use the website for commercial purposes, free hosting does not exist. You can get free space on the server, but that space is limited and can not be increased. The costs that you will have due to the negative impact on the brand image (the lack of personal domain name), limited bandwidth, lack of technical support, reduced reliability, negative effect on search engine rankings, lower visibility and safety concerns will overcome in great extent this initial convenience.

So, If you want to do business successfully abroad, select a reliable offshore hosting company that will provide you with quality service and technical support whenever you need it and takes care of your site’s security.