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How to create a unique experience and gain loyal customers?

Dragana Jovančević / 06.06.2018.

Is your business led by purpose? Is your purpose to make the life of your customers more beautiful, easier, better? Do you do this by taking into account their unique experience, because unique experience and personal engagement are what makes consumers loyal?

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Why do you need a good hosting company for your website?

Dragana Jovančević / 06.06.2018.

Today, thanks to the Internet, individuals and companies can gain global visibility by creating a website that will, thanks to the web hosting companies, be available online on the world wide web.

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Dragana Jovančević / 21.02.2017.

Today in the world of digital communications, it is impossible to imagine businesses without the use of multiple channels of marketing communications as well as many different mediums that convey a message to the end users. The environment in which consumers receive the message represents a marketing communications channels, and as the most important among them, we can include a website, social networks, advertising on the Google Network, etc.

All channels of marketing communications we can divide into three groups

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Dragana Jovančević / 27.01.2017.

Have you ever experienced that moment when you were overwhelmed by a feeling that you were connected with unbreakable threads, and that it is exactly something that you've always wanted? Some of you will say it doesn't exist, some that everything about it had already been told and some that have always wanted to experience that. Love at first sight. Déjà vu. And what about love at the first trial? No, it's not what you have just thought!

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INBOUND MARKETING - Marketing that attracts tourists

Dragana Jovačević / 12.12.2016.

To attract tourists to a particular destination, then to your accommodation, you need to know which segment of tourists represents your target group and who are tourists that you want to attract. You need to do some research to find out their demographic characteristics, behavior, what is it that motivates them to visit a particular destination and what are their objectives when it comes to this visit.

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Marketing Communications - Guide for Enterpreneurs

Dragana Jovančević / 11.12.2016.

All those who would like to be engaged in tourism as entrepreneurs must know that tourism, besides the stay in a particular destination includes the decision to visit this destination. How to stand out from the crowd of similar tourist destinations and an endless multitude of entrepreneurs who offer similar services? How to attract the attention of prospective visitors and to do that they from the potential convert into real guests that you will accommodate in your accommodation facilities/restaurants?

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