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How to create a unique experience and gain loyal customers?

Dragana Jovančević / 05.06.2018.

Is your business led by purpose? Is your purpose to make the life of your customers more beautiful, easier, better? Do you do this by taking into account their unique experience, because unique experience and personal engagement are what makes consumers loyal?

What is it that can provide costumers with an entirely new experience today when there are many different marketing communication channels? Is beacon marketing the right solution for your business success?

The success of your marketing and your business success depends on how much added value you provide to your customers. It's not enough just to reach costumers. Customers should be kept. You need to connect with customers on a personal and emotional level, to interact with them and engage them by creating for them a whole new experience. Beacon Marketing can help you with that.

What is Beacon?

It's a small device that runs on batteries and uses BLE technology. It can be placed in any place or object. Beacon transmits signals to devices such as tablets and smartphones when they are nearby at a certain distance.


They are a simple way for marketers to communicate with consumers in a physical location. With the help of beacons, certain applications work smarter, providing timely information in line with the context. Nearby devices are connected in real-time and can receive and share beacon messages and exchange data without having to be on the same local network.

How can you use it?

By delivering relevant, targeted messages and information to your customers, including discounts and suggestions tailored to them. By tracking their habits and preferences, you can create a customized experience for them, send them personalized messages when they are near the store and offer them products they are interested in.

For example, you can send a message with the following content: "Hi Sonia, you have luck. Your favorite red shoes are on 50% discount today. Hurry up; they are waiting for you.“

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70% of customers who received this kind of message said that it significantly influenced their decision to buy the product during that visit to the store.

You can use Beacon marketing regardless of the industry in which you operate. Its greatest application is in:

  • Retail Industry
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Travel and Tourist Attractions (Museums)
  • Education
  • Entertainment Industry
  • Healthcare

50% of the top brands already use beacons. Will you be one of them?

Before answering this question, remember that the unique experience and connection on a personal level is what makes consumers loyal. Beacon Marketing has the power to transform consumer experience and make it unique, and from consumers make loyal consumers who will be the real ambassadors of your brand.